Benefits Of Smokeless Method Of Having Marijuana

Since most people are going the healthy way and are becoming eco friendly, most of the traditional methods and means of smoking have been given up by them. With the breed of the new generation who is all tech savvy and are fairly health conscious, most are opting for smokeless methods which are far healthier than the traditional methods of smoking marijuana or other herbs.

This kind of smoking products through vapourisers is very popular in contemporary times and most people prefer them to other methods. However it is not as cheap as the rolling of paper will be, but is definitely healthier.

To make your smoking enjoyable you can use a weed grinder. It will help in grinding the weed or marijuana or other herbs in to finely grounded herb form which will give better results when burnt. It will give even vapors and will not get clogged. Thus you get a smooth result in terms of vapours or smoke.

Reasons why you should use bong

Health reason

The first and foremost benefit of smoking through the vapours is that it will be easy on your lungs as it will not use combustion and smoke. According to the research, 80 percent of the smoke which comes out through joint and bong do not have cannabinoid and are harmful for the lungs. Therefore, health concerns are something important and should not be ignored.

Saving money

The vapour equipment will definitely cost more than the rolling paper, but it will be a onetime cost. It will give you more in terms of the content. According to research, a joint will convert about 20 to 25 percent of THC into smoke while through vapours, 46 percent of the THC gets converted and thus gives more bang out of your buck.

Help in stealth smoking

Since this kind of smoking produces vapours and not smoke, they also do not have much odour. Therefore it can be easily done without offending anyone and also without anyone noticing it easily. If you want to go the stealth way, it can be easily done.


According to seasoned smokers and users of marijuana, this method of smoking gives more flavours. In fact, it gives better taste of marijuana than other methods of smoking does. Since the weed is not getting burnt here, the taste is much better, cleaner. 

Not many people hate it

Since it has become very popular these days and do not produce smoke, which bothers people, many people who distaste it, seem less offended and do not hate it like other traditional methods of smoking. Therefore, less people hate it and more people accept it.